Founder and owner, Marcy Nicklaus grew up in ND, SD, MN, CA, and AZ. She spent much of her youth free time either roller or ice skating & it became a passion she carried into her adulthood. She is currently a 5 year adult skating member of the James River Figure Skating Club in Jamestown, ND. She is married to Brian and they reside in Litchville.

Owner, Marcy Nicklaus says " Skating's been in my family's blood for a few generations, rumor has it my grandparents first date was roller skating in LaMoure." There's a natural desire and need in all of us to get some exercise and stay healthy, and skating is just right to help you get and stay fit. Some great Benefits of exercise by skating are: Improved moods, energy, sleep, balance & entire body conditioning. 

We love skating to our favorite songs. We share our customers' passion for the time tested favorite sports of Ice skating, roller skating and skateboarding. These sports are truly fun and can be- but don't have to be competitive. We value Community and Helping others, we proudly contribute to charities and causes in need.

Mission, Vision, Values